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For Civil Money Judgments

If you have a civil money judgment you think is uncollectable, or are uncomfortable collecting a judgment, consider sending it to Andrew R. Korn, PLLC for a review. The firm will perform an evaluation of the judgment, and let you know what terms, if any, it is willing to assist you on. If Andy is interested in working with you to collect a judgment, he will require you to agree to the terms of his engagement by signing a fee agreement he prepares.


Simply e-mail a copy of the judgment and any identifying information about the judgment debtors (like last known address, date of birth or social security number) to:


Communicating with us through this page does not create an attorney-client relationship.


The content and subject of your communication may not be subject to confidentiality.

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Whether in Texas, or in any federal court, consider associating Andrew R. Korn, PLLC for trial, appeal, or judgment enforcement.

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